World Class Sportfish



With a wide variety of fish for near shore and deep sea fishing, fisherman are interested in what they might discover while fishing in South Padre Island. You may choose bayside fishing or deep sea fishing, you have a significant amount of different fish to go after.

Fish you can find in South Padre Island Waters:



Redfish (red drum): Grows quickly and the Tx. record is 59 ½ pounds.
Considered the most sought after game fish in the Laguna Madre Bay redfish have a distinct sport on their tale.

Speckled Trout: This fish has a very special look. With it’s silver skin and black sports speckled troust is a favorite for its mild taste.

Flounder: A flat fish is a treat to catch broiled, baked, whole friend, or stuffed any wich way this tasty fish is a treat. This is a very delicious fish to eat. They like to live near the bottom. Which is why you can get more successful catching them on when the tide is high or on moon-less nights.

Snook: This fish can be found near the piers. You’re in for a good fight so hold on tight. Snook have a distinct black horizontal line running out to the tale. You will have better lick catching them along structure or pilings.

Black Drum: A unique fish that produces a drum like sound, younger fish have 4 to 5 stripes as the older ones are silver or
grayish black best prepared fried.


Red snapper: Caught mainly in deep water structures or reefs, this white flaky fish is a delicacy with numerous ways of preparing one can never go wrong with this species. One of the best fish for eating in the Gulf.

Tuna: With a wide variety of species Black Fin would be the most common besides Bonita. Although you might just hook up on a Yellow Fin or maybe even a Blue Fin tuna. Popular as sushi or sashimi there is nothing like serving this seared with a nice rare center. Fast fish also to be cached with good trolling.Of course, these make for very good eating.

Tarpon: Typically a catch and release sport fish caught in The Gulf of Mexico, the Silver King is a great catch if you want an out of water air show. A very big game fish. Tarpons are more for show than for eating purposes. Trolling is a great way to catch them.

Dorado “Mahi-Mahi”: Popular game fish to go after for it beautiful color and size. Flashy and acrobatic make this catch one to remember as your sitting around telling stories. Caught mostly be trolling.

King Mackerel: Being an opportunistic carnivore feeder this game fish sure makes a short closer to shore fishing trip exciting as they travel in big schools. Fishing from the jetties is also and opportunity to see the feeding frenzy. This fish is also a game fish and also popular while trolling.

Cobia “Ling”: Mainly a winter fish for the Gulf of Mexico, it is a scavenger feeder and has no fear of boats. Great on the grill or poached in wine and butter. These go after a wide variety of baits and lures.

Sailfish: Known for making great leaps. This fish´s sail fin makes it a sought after fish for sport fisherman.

Wahoo: Known for their high speed and quality flesh as well as their razor sharp teeth, it has become a great sportsman’s fish. Distinct irregular blue vertical lines give the Wahoo a very cool look. This fish is thought of as a higher quality fish to eat.

Marlin: Game fish that are not normally eaten. They make for a very big catch due to their speed.

Blue Marlin: The most sought after bill fish for their massive size and fighting capabilities. Technically a catch and release fish some sportsman though do have some mounted.

Other types of bill fish: Black marlin, white marlin, striped marlin, Atlantic sailfish, swordfish.