Things to do in South Padre Island

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Things to do in South Padre Island

[/full_width] [one_half] World Class Sport Fishing

With a wide variety of fish for near shore and deep sea fishing, fisherman are interested in what they might discover while fishing in South Padre Island. You may choose bayside fishing or deep sea fishing, you have a significant amount of different fish to go after.
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Fish you can find in South Padre Island Waters: 

Bayside Fishing:

Redfish (red drum)– Grows quickly and the Tx. record is 59 ½ pounds.

Speckled Trout– This fish has a very special look.

Flounder– This is a very delicious fish to eat. They like to live near the bottom. Which is why you can get more successful catching them on when the tide is high or on moon-less nights.

Snook–This fish can be found near the piers.

Deep Sea Fishing: 

Tarpon– A very big game fish. Tarpons are more for show than for eating purposes. Trolling is a great way to catch them.

King Mackerel– This fish is also a game fish and also popular while trolling.

Marlin – Game fish that are not normally eaten. They make for a very big catch due to their speed.

Tuna–A fast fish also to be cached with good trolling.Of course, these make for very good eating.

Wahoo–This fish is thought of as a higher quality fish to eat.

Snapper – One of the best fish for eating in the Gulf.

Sailfish – Known for making great leaps. This fish´s sail fin makes it a sought after fish for sport fisherman.

Dorado– Caught mostly be trolling.

Ling– These go after a wide variety of baits and lures.

Sky Diving

All year round for an extreme experience!


South Padre Island offers a variety of diving adventures. You can dive exciting artificial reefs or dive shipwrecks and oil rigs.

Snorkel Trips

Enjoy a guided snorkel trip on the waters of South Padre Island. Seasonally, you can enjoy trips, or learn how to snorkel and dive with certified instructors.

Dolphin Watch

Enjoy an amazing experience in the dolphin watching tour.  Enjoy the warm experience bottle-nose and spinner dolphins share with everyone

Surfing Lessons

Surfing Lessons are held all year round in South Padre Island. Enjoy the waves of South Padre Island!

Bird Watching

South Padre Island has recorded over 300 species during biannual migration, it is also one of the premier birding locations in the Western Hemisphere. Enjoy a nice and peacful walk in the Birding & Nature Center!

Kiteboarding & Windsurfing

Are very popular due to our year round consistent winds and shallow bay training ground attract both skilled and beginner wind junkies from around the world.


Why not enjoy a nice chill out day with a nice lunch in one of the island´s variety of restaurants and bars (The island offer restaurants that fit any budget) followed by a nice walk, mini gold or a little shopping! You can also always choose to relax on the beach and build sandcastles or do some boogie boarding in the ocean waves!


Sea Turtle Rescue


Horses on the Beach

Water Sports