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South Padre Island is a premium snorkeling destination. If you are here, you are coming here to snorkel. We have a collection of places to begin your snorkeling search. For snorkeling enthusiasts, we hope you’ll find a few more jaw-dropping sights to brag about later. The best thing (besides viewing the blue shoreline on South Padre Island) is that La Isla Vacation Rentals are near fantastic views either on the beach or under the water.

Here’s the Best Snorkeling Tours on South Padre Island

One of the best ways to see it all is through a snorkeling tour. Tours on South Padre Island will take you to multiple idyllic snorkeling spots in one go. Reserve your time now at one of the businesses below.

American Diving

With American Diving, you’ll get a guided tour of Laguna Madre. It’s a great place to see the early life of a lot of aquatic animals. If you have little ones with you, it’s good to know that the water is three to six feet deep. 

Breakaway Cruises

See Laguna Madre like you haven’t seen before. With Breakaway Cruises, you don’t need previous experience. They will also provide you with gear for your dive. You’ll be able to see the marine life up close like never before.

Sailing Charters on the Southern Wave

Snorkeling is part of a complete sailing package with Sailing Charters on the Southern Wave. You’ll get to start your day by snorkeling northwest of South Padre Island. Later in the day, the crew eats and drinks on board the boat before docking in the evening.

Once You’re Back on Dry Land, Check Back In with Us

Once you’ve had your fill of snorkeling around South Padre Island, step foot on dry land in your rental at La Isla Vacation Rentals. Our South Padre Island rentals offer private beach access, swimming pools, jacuzzis, tennis courts, and a lot more. Take a stroll on the beach in a rejuvenating, sunny getaway with your family, or view the waters from up high by parasailing on South Padre Island. For more information on our availability and offerings, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@laislavacationrentals.com.