A fun time in Monterrey, Mexico, is complete with a museum visit. Most of the museums in Mexico are family-friendly, entertaining, and educational, making them a perfect way for family bonding. Enjoy your time in Monterrey, Mexico, by booking the ideal condo, villa, or vacation rental with La Isla Vacation Rentals.

Mexico Museums to Visit With the Whole Family

Monterrey, Mexico, is one of the country’s most important economic and technological centers. It also has some of the best museums, so it gets a lot of visits from families during the holiday season. The following are some museums you can visit with the kids:

  • Mexican History Museum: The Mexican History Museum showcases the history of Mexico from pre-Hispanic times to date. It also features artifacts, interactive exhibits, and audio-visual presentations. Displays are usually well-organized and easy to navigate, with signages in Spanish and English. With the ticket, you can also gain entrance into the Palace Museum and the Museum of Northeast.
  • Papalote Children’s Museum: Papelote Museo de los Ni√Īos is a museum for children in Fundidora Park. The museum was created more than 23 years ago and is one of the most visited in Mexico. It is an architectural space located 50 feet underground with numerous features for children to have an interactive, educative, and fun time. The museum features a laser screen for children to communicate with kids in other countries and an educational sculpture exhibit that teaches about animal biodiversity and the science of hydroponics. On a good morning, you can take 10 minutes to ride towards this museum just southeast of the city’s center for a swell ride with the kids.
  • Regional Museum of Nuevo Le√≥n, Former Bishopric: In Spanish, it translates to Museo Regional de Nuevo Le√≥n El Obispado. This Monterrey, Mexico, museum features exhibits, artifacts, and photographs from the history of Monterrey, Mexico, and neighboring regions. Children under 13 also enjoy free entry. It’s a fantastic place to relax, and the views from the city are beautiful.¬†
  • MARCO: The MARCO, or Museo de Arte Contempor√°neo de Monterrey, is a contemporary art museum. It opened its doors in 1991 and has only grown since then. If you have children with you, there are interactive exhibits made specifically for young children as well as the entire family.¬†

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